The Steam Mill Miller also enjoys working with more tactile media when not working in the visual arts. Creating one-off machines in a pseudo "steampunk" style, Miller applies equal weighting to function, as well as form.


The Blamaphone

A battery powered bluetooth audio speaker system with record and library playback functions.


Exploring the meaning of time during the 2020/21 pandemic with a mobius strip.

The Pugoo Clock

A hybrid mechanical/electrical cuckoo clock with two barking pug dogs and illuminated windows.

Candelaborate and The Latheless Susan

When seated in the lazy susan, the candelabra's arms rotate in inverse directions.

The Enigmulator

A wooden comupter that can play any video game from the 1970's through to 1995.

Project Netgun

An ornamental, pneumatic powered device to launch a small (harmless) net..