Student Short Films

‘Guilt’ is Barnaby Miller’s first short film.

A rumination on guilt and other people’s perceptions of it, the film follows its protagonist as he seeks to prove his innocence of one crime by committing another.

Juxtaposing colour with black and white footage, the film pays thematic homage to Akira Kurosawa’s ‘Rashamon’, where multiple perspectives of one event are presented to the audience.

‘Homework’ was written by Barnaby Miller as part of a 48 hour filmmaking competition. Writing as the film was being shot, the festival issued Miller three randomly selected elements that had to be included in the piece:

  • Title: ‘Homework’
  • Dialogue: “Why doesn’t glue stick to the inside of the tube?”
  • Action/Prop: A White cup containing a blue liquid. A character pours granules into the cup.

After the competition, Miller was given the rushes in order to create a new cut, more in keeping with his concept for the script. In order to achieve this new cut, Miller needed to create additional shots without reshoots and so started to develop the techniques and systems he would go on to use for ‘S|T|R|A|Y|S’.